As well as our superior roofing work, we can also help with brickwork and weather sealing to help protect your home from the elements.  When it comes to brickwork, the mortar can account for around 15% of the overall surface area so it has a big impact on the quality and strength of your wall. Done badly or left unserviced, it can spoil your home’s beautiful brick design and will not work effectively as a defence against water. If you want to weather-proof your property, keep your bricks looking in tip top condition, and reduce problems with leaks and damp around the home, it’s essential to consider pointing and weather sealing.

We offer the following brickwork services:

Brickwork Pointing

From repairing a small patch to pointing the brickwork across your entire house, we can help to keep your brickwork looking its best and working its hardest against water ingress. Here at JWR Roofing, we offer a full grinding out and pointing service, and our bricklaying professionals will ensure the highest standards of work for all projects big or small.

Weather Sealing

JWR Roofing also offer weather protection for your brickwork using the latest water repellent brick sealing solution, 'Feb Silicone'. This advanced formulation not only seals the brickwork to prevent water penetration and damage from extreme weather, it also allows the brickwork to breath. Ensuring beautiful looking bricks for many years to come.

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